ISTA Standard 20 & 14 Training Workshop

9:00 am - 1:00 pm/PRESIDIO ROOM

This ISTA Certified Auditor lead workshop will provide you with all the training, information, tools and support to get your laboratory Standard 14 certified to perform ISC testing under Standard 20.

  • Pre‐training session materials will be provided before the conference.
  • Completion of tests will be a requirement for admission to the session.
  • Spaces will be limited to 16 so register now on

Trainer: Jim Cox, ISTA Certified Auditor, MoonJelly Inc.

8:30-8:35  WELCOME: Devendra Mishra, Executive Director, Bio Supply Management Association (BSMA)
8:35-9:00  KEYNOTE: Healthcare - Prospering in a Post-reform World
One of the most important pieces of health legislation since Medicare is now the law of the land. This presentation will discuss the impact to the value chain stakeholders and suggestions for their blueprint to derive long-term value.  Healthcare value chain executives (providers, payers, retailers, distributors, and life sciences) will have to work quickly to position their organizations for the post-reform world to respond to the challenge of new taxes, new regulations, and new administrative deadlines.

Karen Conway
, Director - Industry Programs, Global Health Exchange (GHX)
Uncovering the Unique Competencies of the Top 25 Healthcare Companies
The first AMR Research Healthcare Top 25 for 2009 recognizes those life sciences and healthcare companies - manufacturers, distributors, pharmacies and hospitals, which have demonstrated leadership in developing and leveraging supply chain capabilities. The Bottom Line: Johnson & Johnson, one of the world's foremost healthcare companies, is No. 1, followed by Sisters of Mercy, a hospital system that is leading the way for supply chain transformation at the patient level. The secrets of their success will be identified along with best practices and strategies deployed as Healthcare companies must stem the cost of incoming supplies and deal with decreasing reimbursement for their products and services.

Wayne McDonnell
, Research Director, Healthcare & Life Science, Gartner  
PANEL: Industry 360 - Transforming The Industry End To End
Stakeholders of the industry - Manufacturers, Wholesale Distributors, Retail Pharmacies, Hospitals and Healthcare Providers, discuss challenges, exchange solutions and collaborate to advance the supply chain in terms of productivity, quality, customer service and technology. Other salient issues of linkage of manufacturers with providers, outsourcing, distribution network design and management, logistics strategies and best practice will be addressed.

Alison Moore, Vice President Corporate Manufacturing, Amgen
Andy Ramelmeier, Vice President, Manufacturing and Process Development, Bio-Marin
Chris Horan, Vice President, Supply Chain, North America, Genentech
Doug Witter, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, OM Healthcare Logistics, Owens & Minor HealthCare
Jason Birnbaum, CIO, GE Global Supply Chain, GE Healthcare
Vance Moore, President and CEO, Resource Optimization and Innovation (Sisters of Mercy)

Moderator: Wayne McDonnell, Research Director. Life Sciences, Gartner 

Working Capital Management in the Global Enterprise: The Bottom Line!
Management of working capital inventory, assets, receivables and payables, is a vital imperative of business. Presentation will address the challenges and solutions of optimization in a global, volatile network of manufacturing, distribution and retail. Implementation of forecasting systems, measurement techniques, metrics, visibility and management dash boards will be discussed.
Thomas Panzer, Vice President Global Supply Chain PS-Biotech, Bayer Healthcare

KEYNOTE: Single-source, Integrated Supply Chain Services for Healthcare
As an operating division of the Sisters of Mercy Health System, ROi is one of the healthcare industry's leading single-source, fully-integrated supply chain management companies, providing purchasing, product and pharmaceutical distribution services, and custom procedure tray manufacturing. Presentation covers how technology and the principles of collaboration, innovation, alignment and service improve the clinical, operational and financial strength of its customers. Mercy/ROi was recognized as the National Award Winner for the 2010 Search for Supply Chain Excellence Award conducted by AMR Research.
Vance Moore, President and CEO, Resource Optimization & Innovation (Sisters of Mercy)

Transforming Enterprise Level Supply Chain of Biological Entities
This session will describe an enterprise-class biological entity management system Infosys has co-created with a bio-pharmaceutical client to accelerate the biologics research, and streamline the innovation process. This system enables biologists to register biological entities uniquely, manage associated processes, track inventory effectively, request and fulfill stock efficiently, and also enhance tracking and tracing of intellectual property related to such entities. It will bring together scientists from different parts of the research value chain and in different sites, reduce redundancies in research transactions, accelerate the innovation processes, and lower operational costs dramatically.

R. Arun Kumar, Industry Head-Global Life Sciences, Infosys
12:00-1:15  NETWORKING LUNCH/Ballroom
12:30-1:00 Special Presentation: California ePedigree: the Legal Requirements
Background and Contours of the California Electronic Pedigree Requirements - Existing Law, Timelines for Implementation, and Next Steps.
Joshua Room, Deputy Attorney General, California Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General
TRACK 1-Ballroom
TRACK 2-Tiburon TRACK 3-Presidio
Strategic Sourcing and
Risk Management
Leveraging Technology and Key Partners in the Supply Chain Talent Development, Cold Chain & Sustainability
1:15-1:45  Progression From Tactical Purchasing to Strategic Sourcing:  1:15-1:45  Rewiring the Biotech Supply Chain: The Holy Grail! 1:15-1:45  Education Empowering People Excellence and World Class Performance

As the biopharmaceutical industry has grown and evolved, its procurement practices have essentially stalled in the tactical purchasing mode, with most companies focused on how to be more efficient with issuing purchase orders, managing contracts and issuing one-way supplier assessments. A proven case study will be presented of strategic sourcing and category management to address significant cost savings, partnerships for product development and launch, and supply risk management. 

The best information and systems technology requirements to meet the complex technology needs of the biotech and pharma supply chain community consisting of the manufacturers, distributors, retail pharmacies and hospitals require synchronization, connectivity and sharing of information.

Widespread APICS education and the process of obtaining Class A certification in manufacturing at Genentech has revolutionized planning and scheduling in biotech plants by meeting demand and decreasing cost of goods at the same time.  Two of the key initiatives implemented were APICS education for the planning and scheduling groups, in addition to manufacturing personnel in general, and the quest for Class A certification and world class performance.  APICS methodology has been the key to the development of one and two-day classes for senior manufacturing executives and also Class A certification.    
Paul Anderson
Vice President
Global Procurement
Bruce Sawyer
Senior Director, Process Excellence
Johnson & Johnson
Keith Launchbury, CFPIM
Past President
APICS The Association for Operations Management

Pramod John
Vice President
IT Strategy and Innovation
Muffie Dalton, CPIM
Team Leader
Drug Product Plant Scheduling
1:45-2:30  PANEL: Combating Cost, Quality, Reliability and Speed to Market in Sourcing Products & Services Globally 1:45-2:15  Pharma Industry Report: 2015 Readiness for Track and Trace
1:45-2:15  PANEL: Meeting the Talent Development Challenges of the Biotech Industry

Sourcing executives of the industry will present a proven approach for building supplier relations management in the global market place, required organizational structures and responsibilities, strategy to deal with single sourcing, best of breed practices from other industries, information systems for intelligent decision making and cross-disciplinary experiences.  

GS1 Healthcare US's Secure Supply Chain Task Force has developed a pharmaceutical supply chain model as part of a program known as 2015 Readiness. The model is intended to prepare members of the U.S. pharmaceutical supply chain to use a standard serialized track-and-trace system (known as an electronic pedigree) related to the movements of items. Since January 2010, 50 companies have utilized a simulated supply chain to map out a supply chain and send items with unique ID numbers, either on RFID tags or on 2-D bar codes. The program aims to develop a model for anyone in the pharmaceutical industry who is responsible for IT, logistics or packaging, as well as manufacturers, retail pharmacies and wholesalers. 

How best to develop the organization structure, career paths, educational training programs to increase the capabilities and skills to support the growth of the biotech industry remains its greatest challenge. Academicians, human resource personnel for management development, management recruiters and supply chain and operations executives of the industry present successful endeavors in various industries and apply them to biotech.



Mark Buck
Global Procurement and Supply Leader
Bio-Rad Laboratories

Robert Celeste
GS1 Healthcare US

Muffie Dalton
Team Leader
Drug Product Plant Scheduling
Mike Mitchell
Global Supply Chain Management
SAFC Bioscience

Phil Kaminsky
Associate Professor
School of IE &OR
UC Berkeley
Dale Dwier
Procurement, Direct Materials
Bayer Healthcare 

Adam Zak
Adam Zak Executive Search

Isaac Young

Senior Director
Supply Chain Operations
BioMarin Pharmaceuticals

Moderator: Dave Malenfant
Vice President
Global Supply Chain
Alcon Laboratories

Paul Anderson

Vice President
Global Procurement
Life Technologies

Moderator: William Coakley
Senior Director
Supply Chain Management
SciClone Pharmaceuticals      

2:30-2:50  The Amplification Effects of Supply Chain Risks to Impact Shareholder Value - How Should this Affect a Business Strategy? 2:15-2:45  Timing and Tactics for Serialization 2015: From Traceability to Pedigree 2:15-3:00  PANEL: Implementing ISTA 7E & Standard 20:  The First Global Method for Establishing the Performance of ISCs 

The complexity of today's supply chain and operational risks can have a profound amplification effect on the ability to supply products to patients or consumers, and quickly erode shareholder value. Industrial situations will be presented to demonstrate how these risks influence long term supply and business strategies. 

With the California ePedigree laws implementation date of 2015, now is the time to begin planning for the operational and capital requirements of unit level serialization.  What are the requirements? What are the options for meeting them? Learn from our experiences reading 2D Barcodes and exchanging pedigree information.  Converting a production line to handle unit level serialization is a time consuming endeavor.  Learn from pilot work that has taken place over the past few years what works and the challenges you will face. What are the resources you can draw on going forward?

This session will provide an in-depth look at the rationale and reasoning behind the new set of Global Standards released by the International Transit Authority on September 22nd 2010.  ISTA Standard 20 is the first global method for establishing ISC performance and houses the first set of statistically validated global thermal profiles - ISTA 7E Thermal Profiles.  ISTA Standard 14 the process by which laboratories can become ISTA Certified to perform ISC testing under the new Standard 20.  The panelists will present each standard as they apply to the Industry, Supplier, and Auditor.
Speakers Speakers Panelists
Chris Sam
Executive Director
former head of Operations Risk Management, Amgen)
Ron Bone
Senior Vice President
Distribution Support
Brian Wallin
Senior Packaging Engineer
Cold Chain Engineering
Vijay Chiruvolu
Risk Management
Lew Kontnik
Brand Protection
Don Wilson
Engineering Manager
Packaging & Containers

Gary Hutchinson

Global Transportation

Gordon L. Johnson II

Head of Strategic Innovation

Jim Cox

MJ Enterprises

Moderator: Rod Derifield

2:50-3:10  Key Learnings from Building a Raw Material Sourcing Risk Management Program 
2:45-3:15 Mass Serialization for Track & Trace and ePedigree Based on 2D Matrix Code
3:00-3:45  PANEL: Future of the Cold Chain Supply Chain:  Convergence, Emergence, and Standardization

The case study introduces tools, process and general approach in building a raw material risk management program, with a focus on identification of high risk/impact items and implementation of appropriate risk mitigation strategies. Success factors and potential pitfalls in implementing material risk management program will also be discussed.

Bayer Healthcare task force has responded to numerous coding initiatives worldwide, e.g. the California Pedigree Law, the European EFPIA initiative, Ministry of Heath requirements in Turkey, France, etc. To comply with the upcoming requirements, a core system based on the 2D Matrix Code has been developed, including packaging line equipment as well as a database system to handle mass serialization.

Presentation of some of the most forward-thinking and innovative thought-leaders in the Industry to provide not only of thoughts and visions of how technology, processes, standards, and products will evolve over the next 20-50 years, but also to identify potential obstacles. The interactive session will enable brain-storming with thought leaders on how we can all join solve the conundrums that lie ahead!

Yingming Yue, CPIM
Associate Director
Supplier Management
Nektar Therapeutics

Christian Riediger
Electro Technics Engineer
Schering Pharma AG
Berlin, Germany

Don Wilson
Senior Engineering Manager
Packaging & Containers
3:10-3:30  When Something goes wrong with our supply chain, are we prepared to respond?
3:15-3:30 2010 Biopharmaceutical Supply Chain Benchmarking Survey Results

Gary Hutchinson

Global Transportation

This session will explore three different scenarios where in a seemingly small, routine issue snowballs into a supply chain breakdown.  Audience participation will be solicited, to derive at a better decision.  Large and small companies alike will come away from this risk management exercise with a fresh look at how to be better prepared when something does go wrong.


Results will be presented of a supply chain assessment of 12 major bio-pharmaceutical companies in the areas of inventory management, delivery performance, cycle times, complexity and cost. The study helps supply chain executives identify the operational levers that needs to be managed, the critical trade-offs that need to be considered in decision-making and the competencies that must be instituted for superior supply chain performances. Key relevant best practices from outside the industry will also be presented.


Gordon L. Johnson II
Head of Strategic Innovation

Jim Cox

MJ Enterprises

Rod Derifield

Carla Reed
Tunnell Consulting 

Vitaly Glozman
PRTM Healthcare Practice

Jane Lavine
Life Sciences RM Consultant
former VP
Life Science Practice

Michael Rusignola
PRTM Healthcare Practice

Mohinder Sikka


4:00-4:45  Panel: Supply Chain Risk Management – Current Practices and Future Focus
4:00-4:30  CMO/CRO Opportunities in India
4:00-4:30  Sustainability of the Environment: A Profitable Strategy!

Discussion on various initiatives companies are focusing on to manage supply risk. The discussion will be on  diverse risk management topics based on the prior presentations and additional feedback received from the audience


Vijay Chiruvolu
Risk Management

Dennis Murphy
Vice-President, Fremont Site

Chris Sam
Executive Director

The biotechnology industry faces significant issues relating to long gestation periods, high costs of development and manufacturing, regulatory hurdles, diverse competency needs, emerging competition from biosimilars and, above all, funding constraints. Outsourcing addresses many of these issues in functional domains across the value chain, as well as in business domains. Presentation will focus on India which offers several advantages in outsourcing in biotechnology - a large home market enabling scale, less obscure regulatory pathway, a patient pool well-suited to clinical trials, faster time to market in clinical development, access to competencies, competitive contract manufacturing and lower costs, while it has some limitations.

A proactive approach to ensuring sustainability of the environment augurs well for the biotech industry as it has a positive impact on manufacturing and distribution efficiencies, customer service, trading partner relationship, waste disposal and recycling.


David Windsheimer
Vice President
Global Logistics
Life Technologies

Thomas Smith
Supply Chain
Shire Pharmaceuticals 

Dr. K. V. Subramaniam
President & CEO
Reliance Int'l Life Sciences

Yingming Yue, CPIM
Associate Director
Supplier Management
Nektar Therapeutics

Moderator: Arun Cavale

Realizing the Executive S&OP Vision
Improving Cold Chain Visibility

Risk management is required from the launch of a new product to building a new manufacturing facility and delivering prescription drugs to patients. At every stage, managers have a significant role in assessing, evaluating, and managing risk, using tools and techniques that have been used in other industries and disciplines. Case studies of successful applications will focus on assessment and mitigation of enterprise risk.

Increasing costs and regulations requires improved cold chain visibility to ensure product integrity. In-transit temperature monitoring provides suppliers, shippers and end users with the info they need to make timely and accurate decisions and create sustainable improvements to reduce waste and costs.

Jerry Battenberg
Beckman Coulter

Peter Mehring
President and CEO
Intelleflex Corporation

Arun Cavale

Keynote: Biotech Industry Supply Chain: A Vision of the Future With a Blueprint for Results
Based on a situational analysis of the industry with recognition of the points of inflexion and the thought leadership at the Conference, a road map will be provided for major initiatives to positively impact the supply chain which the stakeholders can implement through collaboration.
Dave Malenfant, Vice-President, Global Supply Chain, Alcon Laboratories




San Francisco, California (March 20, 2010): The world's leading community for biotechnology supply chain professionals will be meeting at the Embassy Suites in South San Francisco on October 26, 2010, for the 3rd annual Biotech Supply Chain Academy conference.  The expanded multi-track conference titled "Transforming the Global Supply Chain for End-to-End Visibility and Quality Patient Care" will be identifying and developing supply chain solutions for the industry's expanding world presence with a clear focus on patient care.  The Call for Papers requests expert speakers to present on topics enumerated below and others deemed pertinent and valuable. The deadline for paper submissions is August 1, 2010.

Industry and Academia leaders from around the world will present a large slate of sessions designed to increase collaboration and cooperation between suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and providers. The focus of the conference will be the Top 10 issues facing the biotech industry:


  1. Biotech Industry Research from Wall Street, Venture Capital and Manufacturing Industry Experts
  2. Development of Supply Chain Talent Management: Practices from the Best in Other Industries and Academia
  3. Creating the Patient-focused Supply Chain: Best Practices for the Identification, Measurement, and Execution of Risk Management
  4. Information Technology Management: The Holy Grail! Technical Solutions to Enable Procure to Pay and ePedigree
  5. Global Strategic Sourcing: Sourcing Development Strategies in a Collaborative Environment to Maximize Supplier and Vendor Relationships
  6. Visibility in the Supply Chain: Proven Solutions from End-to-End
  7. Cash Management: Ensuring the Financial Bottom Line of SCM
  8. Applying Lean Six Sigma and QA to Optimize Patient Care and Eliminate Waste
  9. Cold Chain & Logistics Management: Technologies and Best of Breed Case Studies
  10. CRO, CMO, R&D and Business Analytics Services: The New Outsourcing Frontiers of India, China and Europe

"The executive and academic leaders of the biotech industry have built a strong foundation for the discussion of challenges, exchange of solutions, and implementation of advancements in the supply chain in an open, collaborative manner," says Devendra Mishra, the executive director of the Bio Supply Management Alliance (BSMA) and adjunct professor of Pepperdine University's Graziadio School of Business & Management.  "Today they are committed to fostering the mission of improving the efficacy of the end-to-end supply chain by reducing the drug development pipeline cost and time line through global synergies and developing highly capable supply chain management talent for higher quality patient care."


Registration for the conference will begin June 1, 2010.

Biotech Supply Chain Academy 2009 Delegates in rapt attention as John Figueroa, President, McKesson U.S. Pharmaceuticals, addresses the audience.

John Figueroa, President, U.S. Pharmaceuticals, McKesson, addresses the delegates of the 2009 Biotech Supply Chain Academy at the South San Francisco Conference Center.
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Embassy Suites San Francisco Airport
South San Francisco

250 Gateway Boulevard
South San Francisco, CA  94080

Biotech Supply Chain Academy Conference 2010 Leadership

Conference Chairman
Devendra Mishra 

Conference Program Chairman
Wayne McDonnell, Research Director, Life Sciences, for the AMR Healthcare Group of Gartner, Inc.

Conference Operations and Technology
Tim Salaver

Conference Sponsor Sales

Deborah Rice

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Contracts, Accounting, and Registration:

Arleen Teranishi, VP, Finance and Administration
Biotech Supply Chain Academy Feedback
"It was a great event!!! -- a fantastic job!!! -- Thanks and I thoroughly enjoyed it."

     Dave Malenfant
     VP, Global Supply Chain
     Alcon Laboratories
"Jammed packed with interesting content from beginning to end! Well done!"

     Thomas Magill
     Executive Consultant
     Judgment Index
"I am very confident that this Academy can make a difference in this industry and I think it already has."

     Mark Buck
     Global Procurement and Supply Chain Leader
     Bio-Rad Laboratories
"The feedback has been extraordinarily positive.  I think
it very important to continue the momentum and further the relationships."

     Bruce Mallen
     Senior Consultant
     Consumer Products/Retail
"Good audience!  Interesting topics!  Thoughtful speakers!"

     Vitaly Glozman
"I was impressed by the focused topics and high quality panels at the event and the topics discussed."

     Jatin Maniar
Biotech Supply Chain Academy 2009

"Rx for a Lean & Healthy Biotech Supply Chain: Collaborating for Progress"

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BSCA 2009 Attendee Title
BSCA 2009 Attendee Company
Strategic Planner Genentech
Principal Consultant NexInfo, Inc.
Sr. Supply Chain Analyst VSP Vision Care
Senior Manager, Supply Chain Philips Healthcare Informatics
VP of Global Sourcing Life Technologies Corporation
President & CEO Althea Technologies
ORDP, Analyst 2 GT Strategy Genentech
Sr Manager Information Systems Amgen
SSFP Planning & Logistics Genentech
Supervisor Production Scheduling Bayer Healthcare
Specialist Production Planner Amgen
Director, Supplier Quality Amgen
Marketing Chair CSCMP SFRT Hewlett-Packard
VP & GM, Distribution McKesson
SVP, Distribution Operations Support McKesson
Director, SSF Production Services Genentech
Head of Operational Excellence Genentech
Senior Editor
Operations Analyst Cholestech
Student Golden Gate University
Purchasing Manager BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.
Global Supply Chain & Procurement Leader Bio-Rad Laboratories
Director, Product Marketing Aravo Solutions
Sr Manager Strategic Resource Planning Amgen
Director, Customer Service & IT LifeConEx
Buyer/Planner, Life Sciences Group Bio-Rad
CEO SmartTurn
Director of Sales, Western Region  Green Mountain Consulting
Supplier Manager Bio-Rad
President, CSCMP SFRT Carrollco Marketing Services
Manager, Materials and Purchasing Cytovance Biologics, LLC
Director, Supply Chain Management Tercica / Ipsen Pharmaceuticals
Principal NexInfo, Inc.
Senior Managing Consultant IBM Global Services
Materials Manager Bio-Rad
Executive Director Int�l Safe Transit Association
Director, Regional Sales EnviroCooler
Sr. Director, Supply Chain Management SciClone Pharmaceutical
CEO TempTrip
Director of Supply Chain Monogram Biosciences
Doctoral Student, Dept of IEOR UC, Berkeley
Senior Manager, Production Planning & Scheduling Genentech
Global Supply Chain Bayer Healthcare
Treasurer Strategic Solutions Partners
Business Systems Analyst Genentech
Doctoral Student, Dept of IEOR UC, Berkeley
Director, Global Marketing EnviroCooler
CEO EnviroCooler
Master Production Scheduler, SSF Drug Substance Genentech
SSFP Planning & Logistics Genentech
Electronic Supply Chain and Resale Supervisor Bio-Rad
Sr. Planner/Scheduler Genentech
Warehouse Manager XOMA (US) LLC
Student Canada College
President McKesson
VP, Sales & Co-Founder Pelyco Systems
Supervisor, Materials Planning & Purchasing Bayer Healthcare
VP Technical Operations Cerimon Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Director PRTM
Procurement Manager Genentech
Entrepreneur Biotechnology Eagle Consulting
ICS Global Supply Management Bayer Healthcare
Principal Strategic Planner Genentech
Supply Chain Excellence Bayer Healthcare
Supply Chain Excellence Bayer Healthcare
District Sales Manager Expeditors
Sr. Vice President, Supply Chain and Operations ATMI (Advanced Technology Materials Inc.)
Director, Global Transportation Amgen
Director, Supply Chain Processes and Systems Kaiser Permanente
EVP, CMO Green Mountain Consulting
Global Supply Chain    Bayer Healthcare
Associate Director Genentech
Corporate Training Manager RMC Project Management
Sales Manager - North America LifeConEx
Director of Client Service  SCM Resources Global
VP, Procurement & Supply Chain Kaiser Permanente
Associate Professor University of California, Berkeley
Asia Regional Supply Chain Manager Bio-Rad
Manager, Communications BSMA, LLC
Chair, BSMA Risk Management Steering Committee Craigshannock
Director, Business Development E2Open, Inc.
Director, GT Strategy Genentech
Buyer/Planner, Life Sciences Group Bio-Rad
Adjunct Professor Golden Gate University
Sales Associate Althea Technologies, Inc.
Executive Consultant Judgement Index
President C/M/C ICOS Biologics
VP, Global Supply Chain  Alcon Laboratories
Director Tefen USA
Chief Research Officer ChainLink Research
General Manager, International Business E2Open, Inc.
Research Director, Health & Life Sciences AMR Research
Partner Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
Director Hellmann Worldwide Logistics
Manager, Intl. Logistics Monogram Biosciences
Associate Professor Texas Christian University
Sales Executive Senator International
Director, Member-at-Large CSCMP SFRT Mainfreight San Francisco
Registration BSMA, LLC
Operations & Supply Chain Golden Gate University
Co-Founder and Executive Director Bio Supply Management Alliance
Director, Global Supply Chain Management SAFC Bioscience
VP, Corporate Manufacturing Amgen
Head Global Material Verification Life Technologies
Senior VP, Global Supply Chain Genentech
VP of Global Planning Life Technologies Corporation
Supply Chain Manager NuGEN Technologies
President RMC Project Management
Manager, Product Marketing E2Open, Inc.
Principal Strategic Planner Genentech
Global Supply Chain Manager Bayer Healthcare
Managing Director FedEx
Professor Golden Gate University
Sr Manager Supply Chain Amgen
Senior Vice President, Global Operations and Services  Life Technologies Corporation
DP Clinical Master Production Scheduler Genentech
Worldwide Account Manager FedEx
Student Diablo Valley College
Director, Business Services Amgen
VP, Strategic Accounts Healthcare Sector UPS
VP, Global Supply Chain PS - Biotech Bayer Healthcare
Associate Director Materials / Facilities Crescendo Bioscience, Inc.
President Pocklington LLC
Supply Chain Master Intel Corporation
Director, DBA program Golden Gate University
VP, Manufacturing and Development BioMarin Pharmaceutical
Director, Corporate Relations Golden Gate University
Executive Asst. to John Figueroa McKesson
Assistant Long Term Planner Bayer Healthcare
President Reclipse Group
Program Manager NexInfo, Inc.
EVP, Operations & Technology Bio Supply Management Alliance
Executive Director, Risk Management Amgen
Professor, Industrial Engineering & Operations Research University of California, Berkeley
Senior Manager, Clinical Supply Chain Genentech
VP, Pricing McKesson
Vice President Hitachi Consulting
Student University of Phoenix
Professor, Dept of IEOR UC, Berkeley
CEO Sensitel
Transportation & Cold Chain Specialist Bayer Healthcare
Materials Manager,WWOPs-Sun Classic Remanufacturing Sun Microsystems, Inc.
CEO Customs Now, Inc.
Director, Business Development PAREXEL
Principal StrategicPlanner Genentech
VP, Business Development E2Open, Inc.
Director Clarkston Consulting
Sr. Planner Scheduler, Non-Commercial Readiness Genentech
Americas Managing Director PRTM
VP Life Sciences Jonova Inc.
Head of Operational Excellence Bayer Healthcare
Program Co-Chairman Biotech Supply Chain Academy
Production Planning/Scheduling Bayer Healthcare
VP, Finance and Administration BSMA, LLC
Director, Generics Product Mgmt McKesson
President BioPharm Process Associates
Business Development Aeronet
Sr Manager, GSC E-Commerce LifeScan, Inc.
President DCL, Inc.
Director, Manufacturing Amgen
Principal PRTM
Associate Director GTF GSC Genentech
Manager Redline Solutions
Principal PRTM
Corporate VP, Strategic Accounts, Healthcare Sector UPS
Senior Planner/Scheduler Genentech
Director Supply Chain Planning & Logistics BioMarin Pharmaceutical
Global Account Manager Gexpro Services
Business Plan Owner, Plan Supply/Schedule Plant Resrce Genentech
Advisor and former president, CSCMP SFRT GT Nexus
VP of Global Transportation Life Technologies Corporation
Chief Scientist Engel & Novitt, LLP
Director, Supply Chain Operations BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.
Founder & CEO Adam Zak Executive Search 
Industry Manager Dematic
Product Launch Global Supply Chain Management Bayer Healthcare